Nature and dream







Ramona Palmisani -Interesting this painter who develops her art through a continuous pictorial research that has always accompanied her artistic journey. His most recent creations are carriers of a metaphysical anxiety, of a mystery that makes the observer curious. Is his world a fantasy? Is it the interpretation of the discomfort that characterizes our society, so discontinuous and so unjust? Perhaps it is all this, but if we delve more deeply into his work, if we try to find as a dowser the source of his inspiration, perhaps we are not wrong to emphasize that his is a journey in search of the deepest meaning of life. She is one of the most interesting artists of our time. Originality and imagination are the two poles in which his artistic vein develops. Fantasy that comes from his way of observing the world around us, capturing aspects that he can read with the lens of the soul. His is a shrewd art in using his coloristic compounds, supported by a great desire to explore pristine territories of the spirit in search of the new. Through his creations he wants us to reflect on contemporary issues and the common places of our society. His is a “journey around the feminine”, an example of emancipation and a symbol of a new way of making art that develops through signs and colors that give life to shapes of various sizes, creating an atmosphere rich in dreams and underlined magic from a confidential use of the brush that transforms his artistic-poetic vein into nuanced shades with wise skill from which springs the uniqueness of his work. The chromatic evidence is of an immense sweetness both in the combinations of colors and in its realization. It is a conscious but very idealistic art that rests on concrete themes transformed into dreams, an apparently irrational dream but which has its foundations in the vision of a world that is regressing in the values of life. And here is the dream that is expressed through colors to turn hope into a more human-sized future

My project is passion, art and innovation.
Is a dream that that people want to see and touch.

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