MIX MUSEUM (Art to talk about Art)




Mix Museum is a new playful way for a museum to present their collection to the visitors thanks to an interactive, creative digital installation. It creates the opportunity for all kind of visitors to discover the collection in a new light, by allowing them to create a visual mash-up, a cadavre exquis 2.0 thanks to the movement of their hands.
Mix Museum is a reverse shadow play activated by the visitor’s hands with the support of D’UVA FIRENZE. This device allows the visitor to access 3 different videos simultaneously and to create his own visual within the shape of his hands. The content of the videos is totally flexible, it can represent painting, sculptures, the faces of the visitors and be accompanied by classical, pop, or new music or even interview of the visitors.
Thanks to a computer, one Kinect and a screen, whether it is a TV, a wall or on the façade of a building, with MIX Museum the visitor can experiment becoming himself an artist under the eyes of his family, friends or other visitors for an intimate yet collective experience.

Mix Museum is only activated if you play with it, encouraging the visitor to make a connection between his body, his mind, and his sensitivity, thus exploring his full creative potential.

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