Lathe is an interactive object which projects an image of a sculpture presented in the Museo Marino Marini. This object is located in the room preceding the sculpture’s room.
The installation has the shape of a potter’s lathe, to make the visitor feel like an artist. With this object, the spectator can play with it and. Thanks to different captors, he can model the image of the sculpture. The aim is to transcribe the experience of a sculptor artist when he is working a piece.

There are 3 possible actions. The first one is to choose the point of view by turning the lathe. The cylinder on the bottom selects the part of the body. The two others controls their deformation. All along the creation, the visitor can see what he is doing thanks to the projection on the wall in front of him.

At the end of the experience, he can print his work on his entry ticket, he punch it. To extend the experience, a mapping with all the artworks done during the day is projected on the façade of the museum. Everyone walking around it can see the people’s work and make alive the intimate neighbourhood.

Lathe permits to the visitors to take part in the museum life. With their hands, as craftsmen, they can model the image as they want. The virtual image becomes tangible with the sensorial captors.