Each museum contains information cut by a plotter then stuck to the wall or floor. Necessary information that destroys a clean gallery and creates visual and information smog. Dig in Museo Marino Marini will be mobile augmented reality app. This app will be conected to building of museum and will serve as a navigation and information system. With options to take part of it and use it outside the building, show it to friends and educate them. Once you get into musem and download the app, you will be prompted to chose destination/exhibition or specific work of art. When you chose navigation arrows will pop up. Those arrows will took you to the selected location where all the sculptings and paintings wil work as augmented reality markers. They will contain information ( text, pictures, sound 3D models etc. But shows only when needed. This will allow you to put as much information as is available for each piece of art.  It will only be up to the user to click on this information or not.  This will be the РIN building part of the project. The secont part of the project, physical work, will be augmented reality matching card game. Each card will contain different 3D model of scuplture /paint / building etc. The cards will also work as information tool. Fun to play, easy to carry. The opportunity to take a piece of art home. That is what every art lover is dream about. the Once created memory game can be printed in infinite quantities at a minimum cost. With the possibility to import new and new informations.

Matching augmented reality game will be great merchandising and oportunity to take piece of are whith you outside the museum. Fun way how to get information.