vyle is currently finishing his debut album “A Ü T O/M Ö T O R”- which is a virtual multi-floor museum w/ galleries showcasing various physical artifacts, visual and audio companion pieces and more- that include music, VR, room-scale AR locations, 3D animation, music videos, and more that describe the narrative of southside Chicago youth- from the early 1990’s to the present day.

With a supporting cast of visual and sound artists including Cities Aviv, Jayson Musson, Chris Crack, M. Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Teki Latex, Jeanette Hayes, and many more.

Each song (or “floor”) has its own environments and iconography, built with Javascript, Game Engines using Machine Learning, and 3D Modeling software – providing multiple levels of graphical quality.

The VR experiences themselves are also scalable, with WebGL environments built with the limits of the mobile web in mind, accessible by any smartphone. The album also has ultra-realistic environments built with real-time game engines and ray-traced animation, viewed in a VR headset or mapped to the real world, to be experienced in a gallery setting.

With the ability to access the project via phone, desktop or VR headset- users can place themselves in an immersive, photo-realistic WebGL museum experience without downloading an application.

This project is playable by nature. Users can interact with video game-like environments on a personal device, or view AR installations placed throughout a museum or gallery.

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