Due to the importance of children and youth’s museums in the world , I decided to design this project.
I designed the project according to the environmental psychology as well as youth and child psychology. Thus, I considered “pure volumes along with having some points for the secrecy and stimulation of the sense of curiosity in youth and children” as the concept of this project.
I used yellow and green colors for the facades of this project, since light yellow is shown as a childish color in the color psychology, and its most important property is promoting the mind and concentration capabilities. Moreover, light green indicates peace, friendship, and emotion. It calms the soul and mind and is very appropriate for children.
The spherical spaces are inspired from Saturn, and the uses under the spheres indicate planetarium aspects (astronomy and astrology).
I considered “space frame” structure for spherical form (planetarium), pyramid (botany and zoology workshop), and cylinder form (amphitheater), and the rest of the structures use cobiax roofs.
I tried to design for life in the real world for children and youth in a smaller scale, so that they can relate with different fields in this space; e.g. botany and zoology workshops, music, creativity, occupations, planetarium, ballet, science, and technology.

Benefiting from environmental psychology and for promoting the physical, mental, sentimental, and social requirements as well as flourishing the talents and interests in children and youth.

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