Today people always have their phone in their hands. Even when they are visiting a museum. This is why we thought the smartphone as a tool to connect the visitors to the museum.

vsbl is a mobile application inviting users to look at what is surrounding them with a new perspective. Notice beauty in detail, in ordinary things. It invites the user to create art and share what s.he considers esthetically interesting.

Through daily life, vsbl will send notifications to gaze at something. It will invite you to notice a color, a shape, an atmosphere, an element, an object… And invite users to take a picture of it, if s.he find it striking. The recurrence of those notifications can be modified thanks to a visit flow. Challenging the user even more through particular journeys: Art invites Art.

The idea is to add a value to people’s journey and keep them aware of the images. Each vision of the world is precious. Through the visit, people will be stimulated to watch, look and interpret to make the museum an environment full of images.
It can bring a new look on art pieces, the architecture or other visitors.

Also, those photographies will be exposed in the museum on a screen as part of the museum’s collection. Displayed like a common art piece, it will invite creation of users to enter the museum, and confirm the idea that museums are for everyone.

The app will save all user’s creations and show where the photos were exposed. The users can also find the creation of others people on a “feed” and how do they interpreted the rule.

vsbl invites each of us to look around and create. The app gives random photographic challenges to convert visitors into actors. Their photographies will be exposed in all the museums associated.

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