Augment reality technology that allows to the users to see environment around, in addition to see other informations like 3D model, text, video clip and any kind of information in the specified place.
for example, when a user is in the gallery or museum and wear a smart glasses that equipped with this technology and look at the work of Arts can see information about history,concept,the cretor and etc of that work in format of text, photo, video clip or 3D model in the form of virtual a longside it.
There is no limited in method of showing because of being virtual contents that is use in this technology and this ability help to have more attractive sight. whatever the contents show have more attract,it can have kind of ages and artfans in a wider range another subject that is important in work of arts concept is analyzing and accurate understanding about theirs.

Whith using this plugin you can analyzing and show them whith as possible as attractive way to the any kind of ages without any harm to the principle of the subject(artwork)

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