Tre di queste storie sono vere








Tre di queste storie sono vere (Three of these stories are true)  is a mobile game that can be played inside any museum. The visitor of the museum is provided with a tablet (or a downloadable app) and a set of headphones. Ten of the museum items are present in the app and are marked on their display cases with the game logo. When the visitor is nearby a marked item, she will be able to access an audio file in the app, telling a surreal or intriguing story or anecdote about the item. All of these stories Рexcept for three Рare false. The visitor is required to tag on the app the stories that she thinks are true. At the end of the visit, the visitor will be asked to provide the museum with a username and a mobile number. The visitors who will guess the three items correctly will be assigned a score and will be featured in an online leaderboard. They will be eligible for a free ticket for the following exhibition hosted by the museum.
This project effectively combines the use of widespread and easy-to-use technology with the practice of storytelling, thus maximizing the potential for audience engagement. Furthermore, it encourages the interaction among participants by promoting communal practices of guessing and problem-solving. By leveraging the features of playful interaction, the project has the potential to turn the museum into a space of shared storytelling and artistic engagement, blending the ludic challenge with the transformative and subversive practices of contemporary art. The project is highly feasible and it can become a platform for the production of new stories in different languages. Moreover, the project is scalable for different museums, and can be integrated with stories produced by different authors. The applicants have worked both collaboratively and as single authors on projects combining artistic practices, storytelling, and playful interactions in public settings, and are thus ideal candidates for the production and development of this project

This project is playable because it is made with the most playful materials: stories and people.

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