The Open Museum








The museum is made up of presences.
The museum, the space and the pieces acquire meaning only through interactions and their relationship with individuals, there is no art without an audience to communicate it to. The museum is based on the physical presence, the viewer and the piece of art. We can realize that the individual is present when we see him, when we listen to him, when we feel him, and when he moves through space.
The museum becomes a game that evidences the presence of users and that gives meaning to art and its work through it.

The project is based on four strategies that shape the game and allow it to develop through the user in different contexts. This set of strategies is contained in a campaign, in order to generate an interaction with greater scope and global nature.

The strategies are based on the actions: WATCH, TOUCH, SOUND, MOVE. Each strategy is based on animations designed with different specifications, the basic idea is to take a work of art and break it into several elements so that the user through the game and the mechanisms of the project can compose it again and generate a further link deep with culture and art.

The project is fully playable because any strategy we propose requires the physical interaction of the user, to watch, to move, to touch, to sound, otherwise the system does not operate.

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