Sprayers Takeover






In his practice, Jonathan Levain aims to look upon new solution to empower young people to participate. By rethinking existing tools, he focuses on liberating the youth voice and promoting the freedom of creation.

How can new medias empowers young generations to express themselves artistically or politically in a place of art conservation?

Sprayers Takeover is a smartphone application that uses the technology of augmented reality. Enabling young generations to spray tags and graffiti on the surfaces of the museum and create a new perspective upon the historical collection of Museo Marino Marini.

This experience aims to allow this targeted generation to have its own impact on Marini’s pieces. From an art seen only in very private exhibition space, the device connects more classical art form with a sub-culture of street art more connected to youngsters. Therefore these untouchable sculptures could be now digitally touched, vandalised, modified or took over by anyone. A democratic art form where anyone is able to put his own final touch.

By allowing young generation to express themselves on untouchable surfaces like the charismatic sculptures of the artist. Create a playful experience that would attract kids to discover the museum.

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