Recycle museum

Today, museums are the largest centers of indirect transmission of science and culture and the induction of intellectual practices. Museums in the third millennium are also architectural symbols. This potential of the museum can have a significant impact on the determination of the intellectual lines of the community. Therefore, the use of museums to convey message to society is essential. One of the problems of the contemporary age is the problem of discarded and recycled materials. Given the fact that there is an opportunity within any difficulty, we can also turn the problem of disposable materials into opportunity. Recycling materials can be used as materials at a very low cost, everywhere. This, on the other hand, makes use of recycled materials and, on the other hand, makes use of materials at a very low cost.
As a socially responsible space, the museum can carry a message of redeeming waste materials and recycling materials. Regarding the above, the Museum of Recycling should reach out to the audience with maximum power. Therefore, it requires a very dynamic space in order to transmit the message in its best form. Except for the space of the gallery, the use of workspace spaces makes the audience more aware of the importance of this issue. So putting together a gallery, workshop, and interactive space for discussion and discussion, the better the transfer of this message has brought about the dynamic nature of this space. The Museum should use recyclable or recyclable materials (Composites and Glasses) to further rely on the recycling and main focus of the museum. Also, the energy needed by the museum should be provided by the building itself. (Use of solar cells) The circular circulation between the sets follows a particular scenario, in which the input and output of the set are defined. Visitors entering the collection will have to go through the entire path so that they can exit the collection exit and no other way of entering and leaving is defined.

Dynamic form-circulasion-association places-workshop places above the galleries (all viewres can join the workshop and make some stuffs with recyclable things).

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