The project aims to transfer the main features of the Origami into a museum context. Origami is an ancient japanese technique based on the art of paper folding. This is such a fascinating technique because the combining of foldings, colors and geometrical shapes in a variety of ways determines an infinite number of final solutions. The idea is to reverse the traditional design process of the Origami, transforming the final shape into an interactive exhibition guide and opening it during the visit.
ORIGAMING represents a new piece of museal technology which incorporates its typical folding. The device is gradually opened during the visit to the museum. The ease and speed of the origami implementation is due to the use of 3d modeling and printing. Colors, patterns and shapes are used to stimulate the creativity and to diversify the kind of museum exhibitions. Types and different intricacy of the origami vary according to users age. The choice of the steps to open the folding and the unpredictability of the outcome stimulate the playful and astonishing qualities of the origami. The customization of the game and the interactivity determine the leading role of the user at the museum.

The ORIGAMING is a free game. The public is invited to explore, handle, play and discover, becoming actively involved during their visit.

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