Museo Louvre.
This is autonomous vehicle for 2024. This vehicle makes the world as big museums. People can enjoy their trip with change by time at same place. Also, it provides historical education.

This vehicle makes all places special. Each place has own stories and the vehicle let people know, even the place is not famous. It create new value on undiscovered, but very ordinary places. For example, people can enjoy and learn and feel about historical figures, when they watch the roads on their way to reach museums. Also, the vehicle would contribute to increase revisiting rate. Because this new experience on the vehicle helps people to understand more at the museum, and they will revisit the museum every seasons for watching change the sceneries and figures‘ stories. Also, information which people can watch will be increased by new historical discovery and added data base.
The vehicle finds pictures and information from the past and show them by projecting on smart screens. Passengers can watch images from the past and real view through twisted screen and window at the same time. Images are overlapped on real scenes. People can have comparison experiences on this vehicle historically, timely and seasons change.
The title ‘Louvre’ has a double meaning. ‘the museum Louvre’ in Paris which is representative among museums and ‘Air vent’ which is on cars. First one is linked with concept, and the other one is linked with forms.
Screens are divided and show information on it with bidirectional way. People can watch outside between screen and screen. Side wall and pillar hold screens and control its angle. Light projects from under the screens inside of side wall. People can share same sceneries and stories of buildings, roads, sceneries, figures, historical events and etc.

This vehicle gives expectations to visitors till they arrived at the museums. All cities can be turned to historical or natural history museums or galleries by visitors themselves.

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