Humans are highly sensible beings. As something is moving, it creates a higher concentration, capacity, brain activity and excitement.
If something is changing, or something unexpected is happening, the more attention it gets.
The concept „Moving“ plays with these effects.

Therefore we developed two concepts of creating a playable museum experience.
Concept A
The visitor enters the walkable space within a dark exhibition room. His behaviour and movements are being tracked by cameras and are then mirrored by the moving display-cubes. The display-cubes are making movements, whenever the visitor is making a movement.

Concept B
This is a more relaxing way of experiencing the Moving display-cubes. The visitor can lay down on a comfortable relaxation landscape. Whenever the camera tracks a movement, the display start to transform and display different digitalized art pieces.

Visitors are taking actively part of the art exhibition throughout influencing with their own behaviour what they see.They immerse and loosing the sense of space and loose the sense of space and time.

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