Creativity exists in the nature of all human beings. In the other word human beings are born creative and feel delight with the creation of even worthless things, but few people discover their artistic potential. The ME&…project is an invitation to create a joint work with a famous (dead or alive) artist. ME&… provides an opportunity for the visitor to recreate the made artwork. The way it works is that an statue at the museum is decompose into a limited number of parts, then in a menu, new suggestions are provided for each component. Meanwhile the today’s creator of art work; the visitor, is free to change proportions and details of the statue.
The new artwork created in touch screen through 3D-Volumetric technology finds the three-dimensional and physical (But actually virtual) nature and as soon as it is finalized will be displayed through the stations named ME&… at the museum and the urban area. ME&… like the magic lamp of stories awakens the creative giant of humans and creates new artists.

ME&… idea defines a new interaction between the visitor, the artwork, the artist and the museum and turn the visitor from a spectator to an empirical artist and adventurer

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