This project is to show the value of Italics to the visitors(The meaning of Italics is showed in the document)by playable exhibitions.
The process is that: A black tent is in the museum, which could allow 6 persons to experience in the meantime. This process is like fortune-telling in amusement park. After entering the tent, the visitor is allowed to draw something with touchpad on the screen. If the visitor has no idea what to paint, the smart system will give him/her some references. After the drawing, the system will match to the similar elements in the database of Italics. And the visitor will find his/her connections to Italian culture in surprise. Even they have nothing to do with Italy, or they don’t have any talent in drawing. And the visitor would be awaken by the exhibition.

This project is like fortune-telling, everything is unpredictable, and the results would be surprising. Visitors could draw everything they want in a short time, like a child, no limit of age.

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