For(e)see is an open experience format that makes the museum visit an interactive scenario — from private properties, urban space, to museums and inside the museums. Creating the dynamic of visiting, contributing more value to exhibits arts, and sparking relationships and connectivities to co-visitors and communities.

Typically, the visitor onboard the museum visitation to see and commit their expectation to the exhibitions’ themes. One of the biggest challenges is how might we redesigning the intention of visiting the museum,

For(e)see encourage the visitors not only to “see” but to “be” arts by interactively navigating through the journey or contexts of the exhibited arts. Not only in the museums, but also through their routes between their properties and urban spaces.

In the museum
The ‘Dialo’ device: an audioguide that connected to the machine learning database (Variations: mobile app or printed manual), wayfinding: numbers, arrows, labels, Recording devices and screen galleries
The visitor will
1. Navigate to the museum lead by the ‘Dialo’ guide 2. Stops at an art piece, thanks to the RFID, triggers, or sensors he or she will have a dialogue with the object in the art, such as a person, ornaments, or story.
The dialogue will come from the context of the art itself, and simply create a choice that responds to the preference of the visitor.
3. React to the conversation by simply pushing the button on the Dialo, or doing what art object ask he or she to do to understand their conditions.
4. Continues to the next stop recommend by Dialo guide, thanks to the simple machine learning database.
5. Find their journey at the screen gallery at the free zone of the museum when exit.

The future
For(e)see format will serve an urban application in multiple contexts, encourage people to get into perspectives of various creations, drive their curiosity to investigate art in the urban space, augmenting the sense of belonging to the city.

– have generative viewpoints
– exceeding visitors’ expectations
– dynamic of visiting
– contributing more value to art
– sparking relationships
– dynamic of urban navigations

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