Behind the history








When I was a child, I was always think that it was going so great if I had a cartoon character that know every thing that I want, a friend that could bring me to a historical trip and let me laid on beautiful childish thought and make a visionary vision for me.
Our idea is to use an intelligent high_tech application that every visitors can receive it as soon as come to the museum and after that bring them to our game world.
It’s start with a location finding game that bring you in a road of history, a beautiful and historical trip.
In addition to that, we have lots of station that each one have specials programmes and challenges.
One of them is smart mirror that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
It can gives 360 degrees view of statues or art works and bring us to world and history of thatand make a strong influence in our mind.
The result will be efficacious because it use more human senses and act like sense amplifier that reseve the best educational impression.
This artificial intelligence can estimate age of various individuals and therefore for each person can present benefit informations that suitable for visitors personality and character.
For example, childs see information by means of cartoon and hear it by means of fine and attractive voice for their age group.
In addition, smart mirrors can register and record statistical data that can be so useful in long time and it can be help us to improve services and performance.

By in increase adventurous feeling and make different challenges we can add lots of attractiveness to museum journey.
By means of augmented reality(AR) visitors can search and with smart mirrors.

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