Generally speaking, museum may still be perceived by the general public merely as a place that exhibits objects of arts / artefacts / creation that are significant in their artistic / historical / cultural values. However, the general public may not find the museum a place that enriches them and keeps them amused at the same time.

A MUSEum project aims to overhaul the typical museum spaces to create spaces that not only facilitate museum exhibitions but also offer new experience to the visitors meandering through the spaces ( by offering them unexpected routes, sensory stimulation, vistas, unexpected encounter with the outdoor, etc. )

A MUSEum spaces are non-sequential, non-directional & non-hierarchical, as opposed to the typical exhibition spaces which are mostly designed to be sequential, directional & hierarchical to facilitate the curation of artworks according to dates / genres / styles / themes / story line / artists / dimensions / etc.

In other words, A MUSEum spaces offer much more possibilities for exhibits to be curated, and more experiences & surprises for the visitors.

A MUSEum spaces are characterized by:

1) Each unit of exhibition space is designed with all corners freed up as access to the adjacent exhibition spaces / outdoor spaces. With this simple strategy, visitors are offered many choices of routes to meander through the exhibition spaces.

2) All corners are installed with revolving wall, which functions as access “door”, projector “surface” and exhibition “wall”.

3) Each unit of exhibition space can be individually tailored to achieve the intended spatial quality, in terms of light / darkness of space / hue, and can be used to exhibit real objects or immersive virtual exhibits.

4) They may lead one to the outdoor spaces unexpectedly, which are also venues for exhibits.

It is hoped that A MUSEum becomes a new genre of museum that keeps the visitors amused throughout their visit.

It creates atypical museum spaces that facilitate non-sequential movement, unexpected encounters, a mix of reality & virtual reality spaces, immersive exhibits, and blurring of indoor & outdoor, etc.

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