360 Selfie – Drawing with the artist








Selfie photography is a powerful and widely used activity among millennials.
The project aims at building on this trend and combining it with a newer technology, 360 panoramic photography. Using automatic software editing, holograms of the artists from that museum can also be included in the selfie, making a more playful, memorable and engaging experience.
The 360 selfie with the artist image can also be placed in a more common space in museums lately, the workshop, where groups of visitor of all ages can engage in drawing competitions or playful activities.

A dedicated camera is set-up on top of a round table and take a panoramic image of the persons sitting around it. A green background is needed, this will facilitate the automatic background removal in the software. Defined empty places will allow for holograms of the artist to magically appear in those spots as well as custom backgrounds created from the artist’s works to be automatically added.

This type of imaging is more and more included in different social media platforms and can be easily shared on Facebook and Instagram on the museums page and re-posted by the participants. Alternatively images can be hosted on dedicated 360 photos communities like Kuula or Round me. In a more advanced manner, it can also be explored with the help of smartphone VR apps and inexpensive VR googles.

Striking different poses with the artist’s hologram.
Combination with drawing contests. Users are inspired by artist’s drawings. Viewing 360 photos is playable too, allows for progressive discovery.

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Video: https://kuula.co/share/7kX5X?fs=1&vr=0&thumbs=1&chromeless=0&logo=0