1000 Emolion








Visichron is a visual representation of subconscious thought and emotional expression made possible via four devices. These four devices are the “Visichron” wristband, “Visiver” art installation receiver, “Visiosk” kiosk, and the “Emolión” interactive installation. The Visichron wristband is a design solution that utilizes a technologically advanced wearable to enhance the visitor experience at a museum. It logs, responds, and reacts to the emotional signals that its wearer displays during a museum visit. The Visichron does this by measuring the changes in Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) due to the emotional excitement felt during the museum excursion. These skin conductance changes will activate the Visichron, and it will initiate communication with the Visiver art installation receiver. The Visiver, as a museum installation capable of sending and receiving data via Bluetooth, will receive a proximity signal from the Visichron and send detailed information related to its associated artwork. The collected information from the exhibits and artworks visited will be compiled on the Visichron and can be displayed in its totality on the Visiosk at the end of a museum tour or visit. In addition, the Visichron can interact with the Emolión. The Emolión is a dandelion shaped sculpture piece with sensors and a multicolor LED light attached at the top. The sensors in the Emolión will respond when the Visichron comes within a proximity threshold of ~.03 meters. The sculptures will turn the color of the emotional data collected from the artworks that had the greatest effect on the visitor. The Emolión sculptures can also be modified and replicated as necessary based on the context of the museum and the needs of the visitors. Two examples could be the implementation of interactive fields of Emolións as an emotional reflection hall or the Emolións could be used as interactive exhibit navigation lights.

The entire experience will be enhanced by constant interactions with the Emolion and the people around, accompanied by multi-sensory engagement, and constant surprises.

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