The Sound of Colors






The colorblind artist Neil Harbisson is the first eyeborg in the world. He has a device implanted in his head that lets him hear a rainbow of color. Now instead of seeing the world in greyscale, he can listen to the audible frequencies transmitted by colors in faces, paintings, even the weather.  Basing my inspiration on this beautifull and interesting way of seeing color, I want to design a museum that shows with music and color how people is feeling, the frequencies of the emotions and the sound and rhythm of every conversation. As is asked in the briefing, we want to create an enviaroment where people can interact, where people talk without talking, where people are able to meet each other by playing and being creative.
What can be more fun than to convert your own voice in colors? Your own fellings into musical notes?
I imagine a museum where LED walls are connected with sensors wich show the visitors rhythm, based on the volumen of their conversations and the notes every word make…This walls would change constantly the color showing something different. Even we could make stadistics. What day was the happiest day of the week? Wich week was the happiest of the month? Wich month is the happiest of the year?
Also I think is very important to involve people in a common place where they are able to experience and learn about this idea. For example in the center of the building a kind of capsule where there are happening at least 3 different things.

1. Virtual reality: Could be great to create a place where people can play with colors. For example, having a piano in the middle of a 3D environment wich people could actually play. Everynote will drop a color in a frame creating a paint. After that you can print the paint and take it home as a postal.

2. Colour Bar: What if you could create your favorite juice or cocktail based on your favorite colours by using music notes? Lets imagine you want orange (FA#) and banana (SOL) juice. So if you ask for this two flavors you will recibe a FASOL Juice and as the barman is serving you he could play this notes…

3. Could be great to have somewhere to scream/laugh and create art with it, right? I imagine a closed room where people could enter and scream/laugh as loud as they want and a technological wall created with LEDS would show him/her, his/her tone and color. This leds could stay on and create a hole frecuencies of people screams/laughs.

Valentina Villa Gómez