The Room Project






“The Room Project” is about innovation in the museum of the future. The visitor’s experience, when it comes to paintings, it’s still the same since antiquity: the one of a passive viewer, staring at a canvas on a wall. We now have the chance to change this, thanks to hiper-reality.  This concept refers to the technological capabilities of merging the virtual and real world, in a complex and immersive experience. In “The Room Project”, we plan to recreate the inner space of famous paintings, both in a virtual and a real room. Our development prototype is made over Van Gogh’s famous painting “Bedroom in Arles”. In order to create the hiper-reality experience, we need to build both a real room that mimics every aspect of the one in the painting, and a 3D virtual model of the same room.
The visitor would start the experience by entering the real room:
this is a minimal empty room, with only two chairs, a table and a bed, without any colors or textures, similar to a prison cell. But the experience really starts when the visitor puts on the VR headset, which places him inside the painting “Bedroom in Arles”. Now, this is an extremely immersive experience, since it allows the visitor to walk around the room, wandering through this space imagined by Van Gogh. And at the same time, it is an interactive experience: as the virtual space corresponds millimetrically with the real room, it allows the viewer to touch objects, sit on chairs, or lie on the bed. This is only the prototype, but we believe it’s the kickstart for a new kind of art engagement. Imagine the possibilities: entering the cenacle of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, sitting in the diner painted by Hopper in “Nighthawks”, or
walking around Velázquez’s studio in the Alcázar while watching “Las Meninas”. There lies the innovation of “The Room Project”: the visitor is able to explore the space, look into the details, and really get to own a place that only existed in the mind of the artist.

“El Talento” – Maximiliano Monzon & Kevin Rutolo

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