What is phlay .
The new digital/real audience aims to be ambassador and promoter in person of their favourite artworks.
Today we’re excited to introduce Phlay, a new instant video platform that makes it quick and fun for anyone to create expressive and highly engaging art videos. By Phlay app a visitor of a Museum, once the visit ended, can create a customizable video with “Artwork Images Collections” ready to be “phlayed” (photograph+play).  Such images are “phlayed” by an easy and intuitive “cultural gaming experience”: sliding images sequences by tapping on the screen while listening a soundtrack. With the simple tapping of their thumbs on the touch screen listening the music, users can give a progressive movement to a sequence of still images, getting to know deeper artworks by an emotional interpretation. At the end of the performance the audio-visual game is recorded, and turned into an unique video ready to be shared. ( whatch the video )

Phlay Art project . Digitalization deeply changed our shared lifestyle, and transformed museums visitors’ habits and their perception of Art. Galleries and Museums , everyday, are crowded by people whose experience is not satisfied with the simple view of artworks, and seek an active interaction (photographs, videos, selfies) to witness the experience and share it by social media, aiming to relate the artwork to their own sensibility. This is a precise signal: the demand of a mode of fruition being more involving and personalized, an open “dialogue” with humanity artistic heritage not ending with a visit, but leaving a further deeper trace, one which remains in their own imagination.

Following the line of the most recent “cultural games” experiences, Phlay can be:
– an innovative education tool, combining cultural experience and personal taste in a new simple and creative way
– a means to turn the museum in a vital space far beyond conservation, as an hub to promote a new, extemporary and diffused cultural and artistic UGC production
– a means to build a new dialogue between Cultural Goods management and audience, to centralize the importance of Artworks by making them available to the active-creative users imagination out of the institutional spaces, in a participating and engaging perspective of cultural quality, and an active viral sharing in Social Networks
– a means to involve the new (Y and Z) generations into the museum experience,giving them a surprising tool for their Art storytelling, able to contaminate many artistic languages (music, photography, video)

Thanks to a proprietary technology turning mobile devices into audio-visual storytelling tools, Emoticron S.r.l. with Phlay app offers a creative, engaging and surprising solution to the need expressed by the audience of performing Art in a customized way outside the Museums, by extending the urban space in a virtual dimension.
The platform includes:
– a mobile App (available for all operative systems)
– a remote data-hosting/processing architecture
– suites of visual contents of artworks (Art Collection Kits)

A prestigious endorsment
“Phlay doesn’t just settle for passively boosting the touristic visit rituals and its photographic “acknowledgment”: it suggests and stimulate a far more creative mode, one that at the same time is more didactically engaging. I truly wish that similar experimenting on an adequate scale found its due attention in the world of museums.”.
Prof.Salvatore Settis ( Head of the Scientific Committee Museè du Louvre )

Case History
Phlay app has been adopted as technological partner for the ZètemaProgetto Cultura S.r.l. event “Musei in Musica 2017”, with the Users Contest “Suona il tuo museo” (“play your museum”). During the evening of December 9th 2017 Rome’s main museum opened their doors to live music concerts: thanks to “phlay”, visitors published 10.000 different music-videos of the event and shared them via Social Media. The Phlay Art Collection “Musei in Musica 2017” has been downloaded 30.000 times in 24 hours.

Phlay team