Occuplayable Museum









How can a museum be re-conceptualized for future? How can its physical, spatial and social borders can be expanded/widened/stretched in a way that existing definitions of visitor-visiting, exhibition and museum will be subverted, where more reciprocative relations are enabled to develop? Inquiring into the possible solutions for these questions, our proposal suggests that a digitally reinforced system which operates as a social media, can be used to engage various people and ideas to an exhibition process from the very beginning phase of determining the exhibition content to phases of production and installation.  For this, the idea of a mobile application entitled “Occuplayable Museum” is developed, which triggers a multi-step participatory process for installation of exhibitions to museums. Such a multi-step process can be held in 4 main phases: Preparation, production, exhibition and declaration. Through this processes, public engagement to museums can be provided where people can join museums not only as visitors but also participants. The participation levels -all of which are facilitated by a mobile application- change according to each individual: By proposing an exhibition theme, by posting comments to any proposal, by developing the selected proposal in different perspectives, by producing exhibition materials and organizing events for production and/or by posting comments to the exhibition.  Through these options and multi-step processes of an exhibition, a new; more dynamic, innovative, inclusive and creative, type of museum is aimed, where the future museum is shaped around an idea that engages public participation, technology and joy together. “Occuplayable Museum”; therefore, provides participant museums to be a “social museum” and it triggers various possibilities for the each phase of the multi-step process; the whole process becomes a “play”, the museum becomes a platform for this “play”. Each time people “occupy” a museum, a new play starts. Exhibitions follow in quick succession, they overlap, they clash, they co-work; that’s where experimentation and playfullness take place.

Burcu Ateş&Onur Bolat