Humans are social creatures and as such communication is essential for the exchange of information and the development of both emotional and mental growth. Our senses are our window into the world and they allow us to experience emotions. We were designed to be empathic, to connect with others and sharing the affect of other individuals is deeply grounded in our human nature. We have always been connected in some manner to our surroundings. Nonetheless, this connectivity can be shaped in more exciting, intelligent, useful and meaningful ways, which will allow us to have different experiences in a ubiquitous manner and engage in more complex perceptual, emotional and social levels with each other. “Lokahi” is an interactive, wearable, body pillow which lets two users visualize their own heartbeat real-time and promotes an intimate hug between wearers. Wearers can see, hear talk with each other during the experiment, so they become “human interfaces” to interact with each other. As an interdisciplinary project combining, art, design, engineering, and psychology, it is expected to experiment and develop new non-verbal communication tools based on human emotions to augment well-being and social interaction of humans. The LEDs are synchronized with two different colours for each person and during hugging process, if the same heartbeats can be detected by the pillow, these two different colours turn into a unique colour. Sharing this intimate experience may create calming, trusting, affection, and reassuring effect between wearers. “Lokahi” also can be placed on a surface where two users can sit in front of each other and try to synchronize their heartbeats.

Beste Ozcan

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