The Future Self Mirror uses augmented reality and health tracker data to paint a real time picture of your future health. By doing this, it motivates a person to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

Experience Video : https://vimeo.com/140419460
Concept Video: https://vimeo.com/140432908
Project Page: http://ciid.dk/education/portfolio/idp15/courses/enchanted-objects/projects/future-self-mirror/

Detailed Description:
Health and fitness data is being tracked everywhere these days, but can one really make sense of this data? Graphs and charts often fall short to motivate people. So how might we visualise the available health data in a more motivating way?

A mirror is the metaphor for self reflection and is an everyday object. We prototyped a mirror that gathers data from fitness trackers like fitbits, smartwatches and smartphones and visualises the future health directly on a person’s body while looking at the mirror.

In a way, the mirror accelerates the time to see your future self staring back at you. Today’s habits shape tomorrow’s image. Daily choices of diet, exercise, stress, smoking, and more have an impact one can see. This mirror augments one’s reflection with visual predictions of future health, made possible by extrapolating the health data from fitness devices and smartphones.