fART, the joy of touch and paint (on) art! It’s usually impossible to touch an art object in a traditional museum because of its possibility to conserve it for future generations. We know that the avant gardes and the post-post-post-post avant-gardist artists have explored this field by producing art to be touched, but the old masterpieces are still untouchable. Like Mona Lisa, the iconic objects live the visitors’ glance through a security glass. fART breaks this separation and it lets the people touch art, manipulate it, draw on it or having a dreamful selfie with it. Immediately this virtuality links with the web communities of loving-art-vandals, with whom it’s possible to share the modified pictures (likes, comments…). Back to analogical space, the museum become one of the possible places where to play but a specific set of the fART exhibition of the fARTs works made by users.

-The traditional museum and its collections using fART will become more visible and accessible. Museums will collect a big data amount from visitors (£££££). -People “playing” with art will increase their knowledge about it through vandalization, an ancestral act of appropriation.
-fART will be an unconventional type of museum’s networks.
-Imagine the possibility of print and sell the makers’ products inside the bookshop or through fART market app (£££££££££££). T-shirts…3d print


-The beta period of fART will increase the media attention generating a scandal; of course, art could do it!
-The spaces of the museum will be an analogical point of the virtual expanding matrix of the fART system.
-This app will generate an infinite collection of fARTs’ works.

Dario Giordanelli, Riccardo Erata / fART

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