Behind the gallery walls






The world is in crisis: humanitarian crisis, economic and social inequality, political scandals, religious accusation, a housing crisis, climate change and bombed by the media and the social media. Is not enough to responsibilize nations, now institutions have to make compromises. This is the time to look for alternatives. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a global institution with a building the size of 4 New York city blocks and 2,000,000 square feet, an ancient city full of art and culture, hundreds of domestic spaces, and with excess in space an unused time. As From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, we will start living inside the MET. We are not whiling to demolish to build again. Not to waste time, materials, energy and efforts. We want to re-think, re-designed, re-configured, re-new, re-use everything that is around. This is not an eccentric offer, it is an efficient one. The MET already has light, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that operate 24/7 and uses the same amount of electricity as 10,000 homes, so why don´t we start using it as home? We are using the 3,9% of the existing space to create 250 housing units for artists living and working in the museum, behind the gallery walls, in the false ceiling, around the Roman courtyard. We can live from an individual unit to a communitarian living. We will re-interpret each space, we will have a swimming pool in the temple of Dendur, we will sleep in Luis V bedroom and we will use the halls as streets. In the day we work in our working spaces or blende with the visitors, at 5 pm the Museum is ours. This is the use of an existing structure 24/7. Maybe in a glance, you can catch us at dusk. We are artists, prophets, critics, revolutionaries, hackers of the actual use of this public space that we call Metropolitan Art Museum. We live here, but you can’t find where. We are producing art that will change the spaces that we share. We want to show you around, to look beyond the possibilities and imagination.

Javier Moya Ortiz

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