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“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever”, a timeless saying coined by a famous animator and film producer Walter Elias “Walt” Disney, as clichéd as it may sound but it is true to many of us as this maxim is undeniable. The search for happiness ever since the day we were born is clear. And people nowadays yearns for a certain type of entertainment that is not only happiness in essence but also happiness with distinction and purpose. The world as we know is in the state of continuing progress, technological innovations are present, pursuit of greater entertainment are inevitable and ways to nourish cultural novelty is persistent. The Philippine entertainment culture is just as vibrant as the culture and identity of Filipinos, memorial of Filipino talents in the field of the performing arts and the Philippine entertainment are rare and momentary, awareness and ways to nurture the talents of aspiring Filipinos are sometimes inaccessible, love for our own entertainment such as the television shows, films, and original Pilipino Music and its history are often neglected due to the internalization through western and other Asian entertainment cultures, the only key to cultivate our own Philippine Entertainment is to design facilities that will offer great possibilities of familiarization, entertainment and showcase it to the world. Aktibong Museo Dolphy (Dolphy Intereactive Entertainment Museum) will be a source of cultural novelty in bringing the Filipino entertainment in the international arena, an educative environment for learning and harnessing the skills of Filipino talents and lastly a place for learning and showcasing quality Filipino mass media and entertainment spanning from Filipino television shows, Philippine movies/films, and Original Pilipino Music/Filipino music through this playful museum. Main technology in this interactive entertainment museum are the holographic displays that can directly interact with the visitors/guests of this museum, this will breathe life to historical and known icons of history. Knowing their actual gestures, speaking voice and character, thus making the audience know more about the display/person.

Kenneth J. Tua

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