The following are the key parameters into which the whole museum design fits in
N.B: REFER THE SECTION IN MOOD BOARD SHEETS for more clarity as the narration goes.
1. A TRIBUTE TO MARINO MARINI- Origami horse space frame installation -LEVEL 2, inspired from his equestrian sculptures and a permanent gathering space in the entrance to create a third space that hugs the community of artists and locals all time of the year all day all night.
2. VENUES FOR COMMUNITY GATHERING- Semi public squares – the horse space frame with seating areas in the LEVEL 2 .The gathering areas in the LEVEL 5 for a poetry reading or a literature night may be an interesting space for patrons and artists. LEVEL 1 the crypt area space with a proposed exclusive areas for artists to meet and perfect for a stage drama or a monologue. A cafe at the LEVEL 9 can be a perfect discussion spot for getting ideas kicked in and a perfect scenic viewing deck to gasp the view of Florence at night
3.EXCLUSIVE SPACE FOR ART INSTALLATIONS- The transition or the in-between spaces between every levels of the museum LEVEL 4,LEVEL 5,LEVEL 6- is well orchestrated by building volumes and planes designed in such a way that transcend the art installation and makes the space dynamic each time as the display changes.
4.MAXIMISE THE SPACES IN THE PROPOSAL- The design proposal for the museum should go beyond the possibilities so as to accommodate various secondary and tertiary spaces related to the primary spaces. The existing museum spaces lacked quite a few spaces so the proposal focused on spaces that went up to creating LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 9 to embrace various essential spaces that will be a value addition to the museum.
5.EXPLORATION OF NEW ARCHITECTURE STYLE- The vernacular style of the renaissance architecture is taken a contemporary shape in the proposals with maintaining the proportion of the building scale to the human scale in building level transition areas. An avant-garde attempt in the massing and form development to create a new language in the precincts.
6.CREATING BUILDING LEVEL TRANSITIONS- The new proposals with play of different levels to create a beautiful transition at building levels for the user experience. LEVEL 3,LEVEL 4,LEVEL5 AND LEVEL 6- the art installations, picture and sculpture displays create a sense of anticipation and surprise for the visitors. The mix and match of gradual and sudden transitions creates a unmistakable art journey for the patrons.
7.VENUES FOR INTERACTIVE DISPLAY- The interactive hologram displays in the audio visual room/theatre LEVEL 7-creates a new age digital display in the screens which are dynamic creating a dramatic effect for the user. The mobile interface technology combined with art makes the users to create a new canvas in their mobile phones or a picture to transform and project in the buildings walls instantly. QR codes for paintings and animating the whole picture by adding elements makes the visitor interactive and an active user.
8.THIRD SPACE FOR THE MILLENNIALS- A responsible and an authentic community gathering space that suits the younger generation to hang out and socialize. LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 5 outdoor gathering spots for various music,drama,stand up comedy, concert where those events or spots can instantly change in to a semi public space where people hang out without the interference of mobile phone using or being introverted.
9.RETAINING THE CHAPEL CHARACTER- The original chapel -Sacellum of the Holy Sepulchre also known as the Rucellai Sepulchre in the design proposal is retained and elevated to LEVEL 7 -it has given a new architectural feel by a voluminous space and a symbolism of a cross and a skylight for a ethereal quality to the chapel. Also the windows and the truss work roof of the existing building is retained to maintain the harmony of the historic quality is maintained.
10.STUDIOS AND WORKSHOP SPACES- LEVEL 7 Studio for hands-on workshop and painting classes to promote and nurture the young talented artists. Also the visitors can also feel the live experience of the passion and technique behind every art work .
11. EXCLUSIVE SPACE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS- The crypt space in the semi basement LEVEL-1 is proposed with a separate entry can the function can be totally independent. An exclusive art shows for budding artists and installations works on various themes with social messages can be showcased. The gathering space also provides a venue for music and entertainment. The can be open all night for prowling art lovers.
12.WELCOMING + ADAPTABLE FOR PATRONS AND ARTISTS- The variety in the exhibits and the special niches and volumes for art installations makes the whole museum a welcoming entity and the users will be always be taken away by surprise art works. The knowledge centre at LEVEL 8-the library and the art archives is open to public for all their inspirational needs.
The cafe and the observatory deck at the LEVEL 9- creates a new feel for patrons and artists to indulge themselves in a solace. The viewing deck in the same level gives a dramatic view of the beautiful city of Florence.

Dhinakaran K

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