The Board Game






The museum will more likely a chess board. The size of the chess board is like a human size and it will be placed on the center of the museum. It is like a stadium that everyone can witness the battle. The building will compose of 2-3 levels, the 1st level on the center is the large chess board and no can enter the center unless the game is over, and the sides of the chess board arena is more likely a park or an interaction area, where they can play. The second and third level of the museum is where the platform of the players from both sides of the team. The second level is not limited to the players only, the audience can watch the game from this level. The visitors or the guests of the museum are not just limited to watch the game, they can also play the chess game on smaller boards or play with their kids on the first level of the museum. With the use of technology, the 16 pieces of the board can be controlled by a remote control, and the game will be manage by the management as the referee of the game. The main highlight of the museum is not just the game, the human size 16 pieces which is called the pawns, queen, king, horse, etc. are the representation of the culture of the country the pieces will be dress like the soldiers, kings, queen of its own country, or will be dressed according to the national costume of the country. the battle arena will look like a the history of the country. By this idea we can educate the people not just the residents of the country but also the tourists and guests. The museum can be apply to all countries of the world and promote their architecture and cultural heritage.

Arnel Palas