night museum






Night Museum Project has 3 main elements, which are unusual timing to visit a museum (night) or opened in a dark condition (with a light out), the use of technology in visitor activity in the museum, and educative adventure experience for the visitors during exploring the museum. In addition, the concept of NMP is also applicable to be applied in all types of museums. At night, where the day begins to dark as a black canvas. We could change anything in it with some lightning effect. Light can be formed through the sailings (the top of the building, which could change themes such as new year, international art day, and other interesting themes), as well as with the use of drones that will carry the projector and pass information on certain spots. The technology will be used is an applications that will become a tool for visitors to learn every objects that exist in the museum. We adapt to treasure quest concept. When the first time visitors enter the museum, they will be given a map that contains the location of objects that are inside the museum. Visitors will be given a gadget that will become a screening tool, which will be blended conceptually between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). When finished viewing all the collections, visitors will be given a “museum-addict member card” which contains points. Those points will be accumulated during the adventure in the museum. The points and member card system will collaborate with various tenants/vendors to get interesting promotions. This NMP will also feature workshops and live demos for some spesific museum items to get visitor’s attraction. In addition, with the sophistication of drones that bring the projector will change the atmosphere of the museum to be like an interesting place (there is technological sophistication in various corners of the museum).

anissa pradani

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