Nowadays, people are used to spend their free time in cold shopping mall, outlet or just lazing at home. I noted that these people have not anymore the joy of life, the craving of doing something positive and constructing. Our Italian town are missing the initiatives that people are looking for. In the era of socials, we are closed in our shells, but why we don’t try to create something to tempt people to switch of their phones, open their doors and go out doing something different? Neighborhood Museum wants to be just this: an enchanted place, an oasis of peace, where people can relax, have fun and enjoy the arts interacting with them and with other people. The mission of Neighborhood Museum is to spread a new way of doing museum. More interactive, more enjoyable, more social. A clear and determined mission, accompanied by a more ambitious vision: to make Neighbourhood Museum the new and the great franchising of museum in the world. The mix of arts, digital and traditional, with other fields like food and beverage, design, entertainment, etc… makes the package of services offered even more appealing!
It should also be completed with an academy where will be taught both theoretical and practical subjects regarding arts. And of course, the idea is to divide Neighbourhood Museum into areas of interest, following a logical path. In a world where everything has been created and invented, people need to experience and live new situations. But how will it attract customers? First of all thanks to the strength of a bit of healthy curiosity. It will be like opening a new mall or outlet in the area … who does not even give a peek? Advertising, press reviews, creation of a case history: spending the day at Neighbourhood Museum, will become a must for everyone, singles and families. It is an ambitious project that involves many actors and many dynamics to be collimate, and it requires detailed programs and organization that cannot be summed up in only 2000 characters.

Erica Pini