MMM Playable








The project presents an augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) covered behind the tangible elements of the museum; permitting the audience to active this digital dimension, to play and interact with it, through an app that can be downloaded into an electronic device such as a mobile phone or iPad. A selection of artists, who often work with technology and post-internet aesthetics, will create this ‘second digital world’ responding not only to the architecture of the building, but also to the Marino Marini’s collection. The app offers different routes to the visitors that they would need to follow and explore in order to discover the specific augmented realities hidden in each route. To make the audience’s experience more personal, and to promote the project through social media, the app allows the audience to take photos and videos of themselves inside the AR fantasy, which acts like a green screen. This project offers a platform for artists working with new media to present their practice at an established art institution such as the Marino Marini Museum. Exploring the museum’s collection and architecture, this is a fantastic opportunity for the selection of artists to re-think and re-interpret these elements through new ways of expression. The artists not only would respond to the museum’s aspects, but also will create a playful experience for the audience to enjoy their visit and to reflect on different subjects. The last step of this game is to materialise the digital reality. Every picture taken using the app and uploaded to a social media platform, will be automatically printed on a continuous feed paper creating a mountain of images. The amount of photos in the gallery space aims to challenge the boundaries between the physical and the intangible, and to reflect on the lack of privacy that human being face in the post-internet era.

Roberto Majano and Nuria López de la Oliva

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