In the world of M.use everyone can participate, it is enough to have a body. It is suitable for any type of body, no matters if it is young or old, perfect or defective.  But it must be a human body. M.use proposes to make live the emotional, physical, spatial, expressive, psychological and social content of the artwork through the body of the visitors. The body, increasingly bound in our society to a passive involvement, will reactivate, thanks to the museum, its potential as user, conductor, performer and carrier of the artistic experience.  The activation of the infinite potential of the body will be possible thanks to the use of new technologies and of a “prosthesis” object such as the smartphone. M.use is the idea of an app of instructions and physical suggestions that invites the visitor of the museum to perform simple movements, gestures, games, exercises, actions, both individually and collectively to incorporate the artwork in its various aspects. Through the instructions of M.use it can be experienced the sensations at play in the artwork such as loss, power, freedom, disorientation, solitude, solidarity that through the public will live and propagate in the space in relation to other visitors.  The instructions will be designed to concatenate each other, bringing people who perform them simultaneously to communicate with each other, even if unintentionally. To take a simple postures, a physical attitudes or certain roles inspired by the artworks will lead to experiment the subversion of daily roles, such as child / adult, young / old, shy / courageous. Simple actions and daily gestures, performed out of context, will also allow an objectification for a deeper awareness. What happens in the transition from the “object trouvé” to the “action trouvé”? Exercises like to associate a color or a shape to a gesture, will also lead to embody synesthetic reactions that will accompany the fruition inside and outside the museum. (See the use of the red color in iPerform). The experience lived within the museum, in fact, will expand the personal imagination and enrich the body’s memory of new experiences ready to be awakened even outside the museum. With M.use the public becomes the actor of an open performative exchange that can be performed by everyone and in many ways, thus the museum becomes an active place where both, the artwork and its visitors, are protagonists. M.use is the joint and development of the projects iPerform (Whynot and Lavalab) with Social Choreography (Pecchioli) conceived for a wider audience and for each type of museum.

For specific examples and technical possibilities, from which to choose during the development of the project, we invite to refer to the attached links

M.use is a collaboration between Lava Lab, Whynot and Caterina Pecchioli