M.Marini augmented version






Our idea of Playable Museums will take place setting the dimensionality the spaces of the Museum by digital and robotic tools.
We aspire, the visitors are involved in several experiences of developing other emotions:
Before the vernissage of Marini, augmented version exhibit, for a friendly meeting with interesting discussions…
• We are interested in making the reception entrance more surprising projecting a life-size three-dimensional holographic image (half-body) of the artist painting the iconic horse.
• We desire to stimulate a dialogue between the artworks and the visitors, placing a proximity sensor near the “Ballerino” to display a funny song on low sound when the person approaches.
• We hope to personalize the visit of curiosity or specialized public walking around the engravings. They will find close to “Il Teatro delle Maschere” an interactive HD screen to see details of the work. These visitors can make zoom by using an electronic wireless pointer.
And what about engaging and working with children and family?
• We want to promote “ l’arti tra le mani”, an initiative of the education department to sharing experiences with Kids.
It will be a tactile sightseeing tour with LED gloves around some objects chosen by the staff of the Museums on a splendid setting on the shadows of the Crypte: a space to chat about the history and materiality of the objects, and emphasize on their importance of the use and care to make the collection accessible and the visit unforgettable.
• In addition to this Program, we hope to include an experimental “preliminary survey” trying to know the visitor behavior while spent his time in front of a picture/object. For that, we are using a sensor finger heartbeat connected to a computer screen. In this way, the visitor can observe his emotional response, the researchers of the Museum could have a deeper data to another understanding of the museum context and their public, and share this results after the exhibit to the people who took part in the survey.

Cinthia SÁNCHEZ – Adriano BARBOSA