Every museum has special atmosphere that give his users specific feelings but human psychologically have different feelings. We need spaces that people can share their different feelings. Most of museums are a place for showing special and non-changeable objects and some people go there to share their times not to see the objects. The idea is to get museum out of its objects. This will happen by replace users of museum by object of museum so the variety of users creates massive various special this concept the human itself became the object and subject of the space. Most of people like to see themselves rather than historic objects. Nowadays we see The Instagram and Selfie use are growing up so fast because they let people to share their feelings, memories, believes and Ideas. So as the technology helped human to shape their images in the Cyberspace. Space of museum must letting people to choose what to be shown there and letting them build their own museums. Most of museums are set off all places for rich people to see masterpieces and nothing happens for other poor people who do not have money to pay for the there must be an idea that let every people of society shares himself what is worth full to be shown to others. Every human is worth full to be watched not only the celebrities. There must be a museum for rich and poor, famous and non-famous at the same time. So for a few minutes people see themselves and communicate differently , no matter they are rich or poor ,famous or not ,they show themselves as they like and they can change the atmosphere of the space that they cannot change it before. For making such a place for people we must empty the space of museums out of objects that separate us. So we just need humans in the museums and no architecture needed. This also can be called the freedom museum because there is no ticket and no special entrance for people. In this concept people can easily share their experience and connect differently without classic limitation that classical museums spaces impose.
We were inspired by the book: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” By Don Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills. In this book there are four steps to Self-Help, Personal Growth and Happiness for human we transform these four steps into four human-objected rooms that each one has an interactive narratives. These rooms represented by a simple container in four different ways. Each container walls is simply changed to narrate special relation between humans and themselves. In this rooms we are trying to make human change their mind and think more about humanity whether themselves or others. We try to concentrate on human five senses. We play with these senses during these spaces. The concept is cheap and easy to build because containers can be funded we design a mobile museum for humans .no matter the location the languages or … of museum. The thing which only matter is Humanity.


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