ExpLore Florence






Florence does not just include Renaissance in itself.However, the routes imposed on tourists emphasize mostly the Renaissance of Florence.The primary aims of the project are making the tourists see the story of the city from a different perspective, exploring the different faces and eras for a deeper understanding of Florence, and attracting the travelers’ interest to lesser known places, which deserve the attention in every sense as architecturally, sensually and historically.In order to be able to make the idea real, a “tracing game” is developed by centering one of the most crowded tourist destinations and the most known face of Florence, Il Duomo di Firenze, as the starting point of the journey.The movable cubic elements, which are also used as urban furniture, and a related art installation located in the middle of Piazza del Duomo, create physically and digitally interactive environment.An electronical screen placed in one of the cubes starts the “tracing game”.If the video game on the screen can be completed at the assigned time, the traveler become entitled to receive a ticket from a predetermined museum; but if not, travelers can still be involved in the “tracing game” by following the colorful hints on the road, and find themselves in different areas and eras of Florence.The colorful hints, which travelers will trace according to the chosen color in the video game, bring them to installation that is designed referring to the assigned museum.The continued colorful hints invite the visitor to enter the museum and keep the game to continue inside.After the museum visit, by answering the questions about museum through the placed screens in the cubes in front of the building exit will be providing another ticket for another museum, another colored route and another era.To conclude, one can store more information and experience in long-term memory with the help of visuals and information integrated within this joyful journey from the beginning to the end.