A visit to the Museum doesn’t have to be a lonely trip. In fact it can be so much more enriching and lively if we shared it with others, especially with new faces. And what better tool can serve this purpose than the internet?
You’re in a new city, for a couple of days, or weeks. You say to yourself why not visit this well-known Museum.
You take out your cell phone and open the application CO-MUSEUM, the UBER for all Art lovers. You search for the so-called museum… You’re in luck! It’s listed. You click on it.
You get 4 options:
ART RVU (millennial slang for “Review”), it’s about the most obvious way to interact with people in a museum context. Indeed for each work of art, there is a dedicated fan somewhere, someone whom it affects on a very deep level, who knows it by heart and understands its nuances better than anyone else, better even than the artist who created it (it probably got right out of the latter’s subconscious). And this unconditional fan wants to share his knowledge by offering to review his favorite work in front of his peers.
Getting back to the app, you can either GIVE or GET a REVIEW: in the 2nd case, you get to pick a reviewer. Let’s say you’re a young man in your twenties and you see this gorgeous female art student offering to review Marcel Duchamp, you’d pick her; while if you were a lady in her fifties and you see some elegant retired Literature professor proposing an analysis of Gustave Moreau, you’d probably be more tempted by him…
But it doesn’t stop there; after you pick a “date” with your reviewer and you listen to his/her more or less passionate discourse, you have to rate it. Three points define the criteria:
a) Accuracy (Anyone with a 3G connection can double check in a few seconds how much of an information is correct).
b) Richness (How much did this person make me discover about a certain painting? Did she make me see it under a new light? Or told me an interesting story behind it? “I never knew this was the self-portrait he did right after cutting out his own ear…”).
c) Coolness (How cool was this person when reciting her monologue: was she vibrant with life and passion, or cold and boring like a scholar?).

CRCWIT (millennial slang for “Circuit”), is an option that proposes a visit companion for a defined theme. Suppose you want to visit a particular floor in the huge Louvre, let’s say the Impressionist period; you click on this category and find people with common tastes wanting to visit the same. You can pick by profile someone whom you find interesting, and suggest to take a walk together down your favorite aisle at a timing you agree on.
TRIVIA is the one you pick when you love games.
Question 1; “I pledge to avenge my father. Who painted me?”…
Question 2; a zoom in on the eye of some 18th century Dutch painting. “Which painting do I belong to? “. Etc. … Questions you can only answer after visiting the Museum. Solve the riddles and win free coffee, coupons, post cards, small gifts.
KREATE (millennial for “Create”, obviously), is the option for artists working a particular theme, or students researching a particular subject. Get to know fellow artists involved in the same subject that interests you, share knowledge, share creative tips.
Where Uber became the inescapable app for transportation, Trip Advisor for hotels, Air B ‘n B for trips abroad, would Co-Museum become the one for Art lovers?

Maroun Rached