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It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, what matters is if you learn from it. Ready to play? The Culturit Team has designed for you the museum of the future as a collective, interactive and “learning by playing” game. You will forget the idea of the museum as a static repository and you will have the chance to take part in a real adventure: an art treasure hunt! This innovative and playable experience takes place throughout the city and its cultural institutions thanks to a smartphone application and can be shared online on a virtual commu nity platform. Indeed, each Art Treasure Hunt is organized around an interesting theme chosen periodically by those entities that decide to join a network composed by museums in collaboration with different institutions. The Art Treasure Hunt is an itinerary where every step is linked to a city’s artwork, from famous masterpieces to the hidden ones. Local institutions choose the cultural attractions involved in the route and people are engaged and located through iBeacon technology, which shows them the nearest works of art through the smartphones’ Bluetooth. By downloading a free app, a virtual map appears on the player’s smartphone and the game begins: the aim is to find all the artworks included in the art hunt. Through augmented reality and chatbot, each of the attractions comes to life as a character that gives both information on its history and hints for finding the next one. Through edutainment and storytelling, new digital and physical connections between museums and urban spaces are created, making every artistic place more lively and funnier. Technology meets humanities to design an immersive cultural experience: digital tools make art even more enjoyable for every participant, especially young people, unusual museum visitors and infrequent web users. Besides, public spaces and not popular sites should be included in the games’ itineraries, contributing to urban regeneration and making cities smarter and more playable. Once all the levels are completed, every winner receives a prize (e.g. discount at the museum bookshop, discounted tickets for cinema/theatre). Since the game engages audiences both offline and online, everyone can share its experience on the blog community with only one restriction: people are not allowed to reveal the artworks included in the hunt before the end of each Art Treasure Hunt theme. The Art Treasure Hunt model is replicable by every city in order to create a network between them and their institutions. It enhances experience-based cultural consumptions by creating more and more innovative contents for the citizens. Consequently, their awareness of the city and sense of belonging to it increase.

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