SPACE is an innovative IoT device for a smart museum. It is a cube with different icons in different colors on each of its side. Icons indicate diverse themes of the audio information of the artwork, such as the artist, the style. Patrons can get corresponding information by laying a specific side on the inductor plate. The light in corresponding color will activated at the same time. When it is crowded in front of the art work, patrons can also get information by touching cubes of others. Instead of passive recipients, patrons play an ever-important role with SPACE, designing their own visit in real time along with the curator. SPACE inspires patrons to consider the value of art piece before they get information, in order to make the visit to the museum more interactive and effective.
SPACE is also a sustainable device that could meet varied demands. The icon stickers can be customized according to the theme of the exhibition, handled and removed without leaving a residue, saving the need to purchase. The color of sticker indicates the corresponding light color.
Please check the website to learn the entire concept with more information and images about SPACE. If needed, I could also send you my thesis booklet in pdf with all the information in detail.
Thanks for your time!

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