« Mediatory-screen » is an semi-opaque exchange support that doesn’t completely obstruct the reality, but on the contrary, lets appear through. It adds and increases the viewing angle of the user. It enriches and enhances the reality. Monocle is a portable video-guide. It includes a practical handle, a transparent screen and another screen which is much more smaller than the first one and completely opaque. It also has a camera. The curved form of the device will appear to the visitor like a second face that initiate a discussion, like a speech bubble. Through the device transparent screen that visitors can put in front of the artwork, an embedded content will be proposed. The interposed display being partially transparent will not hide the artwork and will increase it with further information and anecdotes. It will become a mediator encouraging observation and exploration of the artist’s work. Indeed, Monocle will notice pre-recorded points of interest when the visitor will sweep the artwork or cartels using a single camera. Then, further textual information will be displayed on the transparent screen. Three types of content will be proposed. The first one will be related to the artist, the second will tell an anecdote about the artwork, its realization or its context, and the third will describe the techniques used. Additionally, some information points will also contain some information how to ask for the usage tips of the device, how ask for help or request the museum map . Displays are at the same time a knowledge support and an intermediary between visitors and artworks. Textual content will appear on the transparent display but, in order to insure a better readability without degrading the transparent game effect, a second display, opaque and smaller, fits in the video-guide to broadcast other pictures or details in link with the current observed artwork.

For further documentation: L_Observatoire-Monocle