aura visualizes the knowledge and conversations surrounding an artwork and enables personal conversations with works of art. It invites exploration, communication and engagement with art while being contemplative and transcendental.

aura is conceived as an ecosystem with two parts: urban installations (aura crystals) and the aura app, visualizing conversations and knowledge (aura whispers). 

Urban installations (aura crystals) are pop-up meeting and resting places.
They consist of horizontal modules (benches) for rest and relaxation and vertical modules (stelae) showing the QR code to download the aura app. aura crystals can also show mini-exhibitions, inviting the public to visit a museum.
aura crystal modules are modular and lightweight to be easily installed in urban locations. Museums first tag their artwork with bits of knowledge and information. Once the visitor is around a tagged artwork, this knowledge (aura whispers) is visualized through the aura app. Each whisper in an aura represents a piece of information or a conversation about a work of art. Visitors can click through the aura to explore the knowledge surrounding it and contribute their own whisper by entering a conversational interface. This conversational interface is driven by a database of knowledge about a museum collection. That way visitors can have a chat with, for instance, Nike of Samothrace or Michelangelo’s David.
 The aura app is based on augmented reality technology, taking the camera of a smartphone to project a virtual aura of moving polygonal objects onto artwork. These auras are projected on the basis of GPS location data and through AR markers.

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