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Re-create the future museum

The Challenge

“The Playable Museum Award is a challenge that emerged from the ever-increasing need to change the way we consider museums, also to attract and engage the new generations.The Museo Marino Marini wants to become a hub of innovation and experimentation, a museum-laboratory that is a center of thought, where prototypes and ideas are created and then passed on to other museums. The call that we are launching is one of the tools that we use to meet our goals, but it is not the only one. The Museum is collaborating with international personalities, cultural leaders, innovators, makers, and futurists to re-think the museum and its spaces. A sort of museum think-tank that will begin to bear fruit when the museum reopens in the Autumn.”
Patrizia Asproni, President of Marino Marini Museum in Florence.

The Award

"The museum of the future is an incubator of ideas and a prime destination for creative and future entrepreneurs from around the world. A participatory platform where the individual is placed with his emotions and dreams at the center of the experience, through an engaging and human use of technology. This lead us towards a museum as a place of action and interaction, an active hub of cultural production. The challenge is open, help us to rewrite relationships between visitors and form new models of use for our spaces and collections."
Fabio Viola, Coordinator of the project

The call was open to everyone in Italy and abroad. The only limit: your imagination. We encouraged experiments and visions considered ‘outside of
the box’ and aimed at all the creatives of the world: artists, designers, architects, makers, developers, videogame creators, musicians, writers, graphic designers, cultural managers, storytellers, urban planners, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, chemists... but above all imaginators and dreamers.

The Panel

Alessandra Capodacqua (fotografa e docente della New York University, Firenze), Lorenzo Coppini (amministratore delegato di B&C Speakers), Simona Maschi (co-fondatrice e direttore del Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) e Jeffrey Schnapp (amministratore delegato di Piaggio Fast Forward e fondatore di MetaLAB (at) Harvard).

playable museum award

The award-winning project


“Origaming perfectly captures the spirit of the Playable Museum Award. It is a project that successfully merges manual creativity, technological innovation, scalability, interaction between visitors and museum space and interdisciplinarity”

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