The art in your hands – Alzheimer’s

The museo marino marini of florence for people with alzheimer’s and for those who care for them.
To open the museum and make it accessible to everyone, also people living with Alzheimer’s, means that art – thanks to its communicative and emotional power – can help to overcome some of the difficulties of the illness. to propose emotionally engaging and stimulating activities, adapted to the desires and abilities of people with cognitive decline, gives us a way to know their inner world and foster the relationship between the participants: because, even whilst facing the challenge of the disease, they can continue to live an intense meaningful life, integrated within the social and cultural life of the community.
The project, which launched in 2012, also developed a dissemination program: a training course for museum educators and geriatric workers, funded by the region of tuscany, which assured that programs like this were not just the initiative of a few willing museums, but instead were implemented as region-wide program of museums.
we also propose special visits dedicated to family members and professional caretakers to provide them with effective ways of communicating with people with alzheimer’s starting with the encounter with art.
The art in your hands has attracted international attention. it was presented at the new york (outreach refinery, march 2014), the palazzo strozzi in florence (the 2nd international multi-party conference, november 2014 and workshop “art accessible”, November 2016), the zurich kunsthaus (symposium, February 2015), the aja (long live arts, May 2015), the summer school of the italian association of psycho-geriatrics (pistoia, June 2015), at the convention ma&a (florence, march 2016 and May 2017), at the 16th congress aip (florence, april 2016) and at the international conference on the creative age: global perspectives on creativity and aging (washington d.c., september 2016).
From September 2015 to August 2017, the Marino Marini Museum developed the MA&A project as the lead partner: Museums Art and Alzheimer’s with funding from Erasmus +.

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