“ACCENTS, ACCENTI, АКЦЕНТЫ”is the title of the project and the program of events developed for the Marino Marini by Dimitri Ozerkov, head of the department of Contemporary Art at the Russian State Hermitage Museum and of the project “Hermitage 20/21”.

Three young guest artists – Irina Drozd, Andrey Kuzkin and Ivan Plusch – will create their works of art in a dialogue with the art of Marino Marini and Leon Battista Alberti, and in contact with the public for a museum that becomes a working laboratory.

“The Three Women”  A conceptual exhibition in the Cappella Rucellai connected to the museum, pertaining to three female figures from the bible and their roles in history, art and culture. 04.05 – 01.07.2019

“Notte bianca #24” an event in Florence that will extend the cycle of the 23 nights of light in St. Petersburg. A festival that will last only one night, dedicated to creativity, culture, art and dreams. 04.05 h. 21:30 – 05.05 h. 2:30

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