VISITO ERGO SUM. The public and museums

Wednesday December 12th, 5:30pm

Conversations with Filippo Cavazzoni, Director of the Istituto Bruno Leoni
Angelo Crespi, Journalist and critic
Mauro Felicori, former Director of the Reggia di Caserta
Ludovico Solima, Faculty of Management of cultural businesses – Università della Campania
Moderated by Patrizia Asproni, President of the Museo Marino Marini
A sneak peek of the next exhibition will be possible for attendees of this event. MUSEUM EFFECT. Instantaneous intrusions in art places. Photography by Massimo Pacifico, curated Claudio Di Benedetto

Which public for museums? Who and what type are the visitors to the museums, to the archaeological sites, and to the artistic exhibitions? Studies say that the average time a museum visitor spends observing a piece in the collection is between 15 to 30 seconds. But, is there really an equation that is valid for everyone? The talk this evening, accompanied by the photos by Massimo Pacifico, intends to stimulate the debate on one of the hottest topics in the cultural realm. Audience engagement, their involvement, and the transfer of culture and knowledge are, in fact, at the center of a reflection that includes all of the actors in play: not only the museums and their administrations, but the whole world of education and the training of educators, and above all tourism. Global challenges, related to the mobility of populations, the increase in travel as a cultural experience, and all of the problems intertwined, mandate recognition. They mandate progress and call for the situations to predict to be able to intervene with the knowledge and cause, to take action with the perspectives of both social and economic sustainability. For a cultural and museum structure to become interactive and “playable”, the public needs to always be placed in the center.

Press release: VIRGO ERGO SUM. The public and museums

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