Playable Museum Award: the first details of the international call opening on January 15th


The Museo Marino Marini of Florence announces the launch of the first edition of the  Playable Museum Award. A project curated and coordinated by Fabio Viola, engagement scientist, listed in the top-ten of game designers in the world. Objective: identify innovative contributions to design pioneering initiatives that imagine the museum of the future, a hub of technological, social and cultural innovation that fosters the participation and the active and spontaneous engagement of visitors.

The international call will be open from January 15th to March 31st 2018.

Info online at the MuseoMarinoMarini website

The Museo Marino Marini of Florence opens its doors to all creatives and visionaries of the world capable of imagining the museum of the future. We are searching for ideas that can rethink the connection between people, the artworks, and the museum. Any suggestion that can bring innovation, imagination and thinking outside the box, ways to connect the museum visitors and the museum, technology and creativity, playing games and experimenting can participate in the international call. The chosen project will be awarded a grant of 10.000 euro and the support to implement the project. A commission of international experts, coming from prestigious Italian and foreign institutions will be evaluating the submissions, and also accompanying the winners for the realisation of the project.

The Playable Museum Award is a challenge that emerged from the ever-increasing need to change the way we consider museums, also to attract and engage the new generations,” announced Patrizia Asproni, President of the Florence Museum. “The Museo Marino Marini wants to become a hub of innovation and experimentation, a museum-laboratory that is a center of thought, where prototypes and ideas are created and then passed on to other museums. The call that we are launching is one of the tools that we will use to meet our goals, but it is not the only one. The Museum is collaborating with international personalities, cultural leaders, innovators, makers, and futurists to re-think the museum and its spaces. A sort of museum think-tank that will begin to bear fruit when the museum reopens in the Spring.”

It is precisely from this point of view – the exponential growth of technologies and the growing need to stimulate new audiences and connect them to the museum through innovative solutions that change the museum experience – that the Playable Museum Award has been conceived. A project inspired by the international format dedicated to cities, the Playable City Award, an appeal to imagine the cities of the future by repurposing infrastructure and reappropriating technologies to create connections between people, and between people and cities. And likewise, we intend that ours be a call to action for museums.

The young engagement scientist Fabio Viola heads the project, the first Italian to reach second place on the list of the world’s top gamification designers.

“The museum of the future is an incubator of ideas and a prime destination for creative and future entrepreneurs from around the world. An open platform has been created to collaborate and to anticipate the future, by placing the individual with his emotions and dreams at the center of the experience, through an engaging and human use of technology. The Playable Museum Award is one of the first steps for the Museum to become a place for action and interaction, where it is possible not only to “consume” but also to “produce” culture. The challenge is open, help us to rewrite relationships between visitors and form new models of use for our spaces and collections.”

Projects and innovative solutions that increase audience development, and elevate the richness of experience, both in the use of available time and space, will therefore be given the space for development. The call is open to everyone in Italy and abroad. The only limit is your imagination; in fact, experiments and visions considered ‘outside of the box’ are encouraged. Aimed at all the creatives of the world: artists, designers, architects, makers, developers, videogame creators, musicians, writers, graphic designers, cultural managers, storytellers, urban planners, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, chemists… but above all imaginators and dreamers. The projects must be never before published and will be evaluated by an international jury of experts who will be announced during the call. The winner will be announced on the occasion of the reopening of the museum, during Spring 2018, and will receive a grant of 10,000 euros and the support of the jury mentors for the implementation of the project. All the works will receive visibility being published on the official website of the initiative and communications connected to the event.

The Playable Museum Award is an initiative of the Museo Marino Marini Firenze in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale TuoMuseo and is realised with the support of the Fondazione Cassa Risparmio Firenze and

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